Many of you know that the reason I haven’t been posting much is because of this precious baby girl.

This is Amelia at 4 days old in her daddy’s hands.

Sometimes I still can’t believe we were blessed with a GIRL!

She was born with quite the head of hair! We don’t take her out much but when we do….her hair is quite the topic of conversation. We have been stopped by children and adults of all ages asking about her wild hair.

Little smiler at 5 days

12 days old

Smiling at 4 weeks

Time is going by so quickly. I wish that over the past few months I had taken more pictures of Amelia. But things seem quite crazy and at times overwhelming having a newborn and this guy. Mr. Carter just turned 2 on January 5th and he’s quite the handful! Matt and I would agree that he has been our greatest challenge, he’s BUSY, and doesn’t sleep…..but we wouldn’t trade him for ANYTHING!!!!

Blake has been the biggest help to me with the little ones. I love him so much and can’t believe that he will be 10 soon . Each time I think about how I can’t wait until Carter and Amelia are older I remind myself of how quick Blake has grown up. I tell myself to stop and enjoy each day with all of them at the age they are now.

I still need to get a good picture of the 3 kids together. I am hoping to try more once it’s nicer outside.

Here are the brothers. My blue eyed boys!

Here Amelia is at 9 weeks.

She loves to talk and smile to anyone who will give her attention.

My little “flapper” girl at 11 weeks

Well we wanted more children for years and for years Blake wanted sibblings…..well now he’s got them lol. We all couldn’t be happier to have Amelia join our family. The Lord has truly blessed us!