My precious Carter.

So…my parents are visiting from the states.  My mom and I have been taking the kids to the park etc.  Today I had this idea that I wanted to try to do a few pictures of Amelia in a certain cute outfit by all the pretty fallish flowers/weeds.  So I get her all dressed and we all walk on to the park.  It was super windy and Amelia’s poor hair was flying all over the place lol.  It was kind of cold and I really did not get one good picture of her.

I really have not taken pictures of Carter much in months due to him not wanting his picture taken.  He runs away from me crying etc.  So I have backed off…..I assumed today he would just play at the park while I took pictures of his sister.  Well, I was wrong….it’s when I least expect it that I get the best pictures of my beautiful boy.

A man was flying a kite and it sure was an awesome day to fly a kite.  Carter LOVED watching the kite!

I was so happy to capture a few smiles….his laugh and smile melt my heart.

My boy doing his modeling pose lol.

A bit later in the day it rained very hard.  Carter played out in the rain and got all wet.

My Mom said to me today “Dawn you have such a beautiful family”.   She is so right.  I waited a long time for Carter and Amelia and they were so worth the wait.  I am very blessed.

Carter William (Double D) is 2 and a half.