Our precious Carter

I didn’t take on as much work in 2010 because of this precious bundle of joy…..

Every day Blake lets me know how happy his is to have a little brother.  The other day we were out doing errands and Blake said “Mom, remember when I was alone in the back seat of the car?  Well, I will never be alone again!”

Blake had to wait a long time to get a little brother.  Matt and I had to wait what seemed like an eternity to have another child.  Carter William was well worth the years we had to wait for him!!!!!

No, he does not like to smile for his mommy when she takes his picture.  But we think he’s pretty cute even without a smile.

This is Carter at 3 days old in his Daddy’s hands and again on his first birthday.

I can promise everyone that you will see more of our handsome guy in the future!!!!!!