About Us

Dawn Boyce Photography was established in 2004, just a few years after Dawn and mine's first son was born. Dawn's passion for photography wasn’t something she had discovered in her youth but in this momentous event in our lives, our first baby. Like so many soon-to-be parents, we chose to invest in a good quality digital SLR camera to document our new life with our baby boy. It was with that first good but simple camera that Dawn discovered her absolute love of photography. Seriously, went kinda crazy over it.

She had nothing short of an artistic epiphany and within the first few years of our son's life, chose to give up her career as a Radiology Technician, transition from good equipment to professional equipment, and from an obsessed hobbyist to a serious pursuit of photography as career path. Thankfully she didn’t choose to upgrade me too. lol. I figured if I couldn’t beat the camera, I could at least join it and began my own journey into the world of photography.

After three years of passion driven self motivation to learn her craft, and me following in her steps, we shot our first wedding. It was absolutely terrifying. But it was a huge success. The bride was absolutely ecstatic and cried when she saw her photos. Her and her new husband’s thanks to us was so sincere. We were truly touched, not to mention relieved. Suddenly, we found ourselves with a strengthened sense of confidence and with that, the realization that this was going somewhere. All those years ago now, and 100's of weddings later, dozens of brides and grooms we now call friends, and 2 MORE CHILDREN! and Dawn and I have found our place in London as sought after Wedding Photographers, both respected by our colleagues and loved by our brides and grooms.

Dawn and I thank you so much for visiting our site and reading this little blurb about us and how our photography business got started. Our experience has taught us just how important it is for you to know us and feel comfortable with us if you are going to reveal who you truly are, and your true feelings to us when we’re shooting you... with our cameras of course! So, if you love our work and we’ve got your special date available, we’d love to get to meet with you and start our relationship. Please, don’t delay to set up a meeting with us, we book up very quickly. If you’re newly engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! Let me conclude by saying, it would be Dawn and mine's true privilege and joy to use our talent and experience to capture the memories and story of your wedding in a beautiful artistic form that we know you’ll love and cherish forever.